Focused Sport Performance seeks to educate athletes, coaches, and teams on how to incorporate mental skills into their training and empowering them to achieve more consistent results in their performance.  We will strive to provide high quality service that focuses building relationships.  Focused Sport Performance will act as a partner with its customers in the processes, helping them discover their true potential to become independent in their use of the training.


Focused Sport Performance seeks to be a leading resource for understanding mental skills training. One way is by providing information via a podcast showcasing athletes and coaches that have used mental skills in real life situations.

Secondly, Focused Sport Performance, seeks to teach coaches how to incorporate mental skills into their training.  In doing so, coaches will be able to pass on the concepts of mental skills to many future generations of athletes; so more athletes can have a positive experience in sport.  Focused Sport Performance will be a resources and support system so that coaches can get the best training possible, and in turn provide their athlete’s the best training.  If athletes have a positive experience in sport, it can increase the chances that they will continue to exercise throughout the rest of their life. 


Focused Sport Performance values providing quality content and resources. Additionally, we seek to provide excellent customer service as it is important element in communication to provide the best assistance possible. Finally, collaboration is important as we seek listen to customers about needs and areas of struggles, help develop solutions to those areas, and empower coaches and athletes to be self-sufficient.