Episode 004: Cameron Rowland -Volleyball Coach

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I interview Cameron Rowland about his experience as a coach teaching the mental game at the college and youth level.

Where are you currently coaching:  I am currently the Director of Volleyball Operations Western Michigan University.  I also coach for the Dead Frog/ Far Out (DFFO) Volleyball Club as the 13 Black Head Coach and the 13s and 14s Master Coach.

How long have you been coaching?  7 years, actually listed as a coach on a roster and sat on my mom's bench since the age of 5.

How you got into coaching:  I got into coaching by watching my mom build Lakewood High School's volleyball program into a yearly state title contender. I was in the gym everyday surrounded by the sport and simply fall in love with it. I always knew that volleyball was my passion but did not realize I wanted to coach until my sophomore year of college when I was asked by the club director at DFFO to be his assistant coach for the 18 Black team that season. Once I was in the gym everyday once again surround by elite level female athletes I knew that I had to pursue a coaching career. I just could not see myself doing something that did not involve volleyball everyday.

Memorable match/moment as a coach:  The most memorable match for me as a coach was watching my mom's team win the 2012 state championship. This match will forever be the best day of my life (11/17/2012). My mom had been so close so many times over her career to grabbing a title but could never quite get over the hump. Once they finally were able to win it all, everything we sacrificed as a family for the Lakewood Volleyball program felt worth it. Also to see so many alumni and their families celebrate the title as if it was their own truly showed the family that was built by Lakewood Volleyball. I have been around many high school programs through my involvement with DFFO and can honestly say that nothing compares to the culture and community that Lakewood Volleyball has created. The 2012 State Championship victory made everything Lakewood Volleyball stands for come to light for all individuals involved in the program. 

Fun Fact:  Although I love coaching and it is my passion, my dream job is to be the Executive Director of the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA).