Episode 006: Sandy Stiner - Long Distance Runner

Sandy Stiner.jpg

I interview Sandy Stiner, a long distance runner.  In December 2017, she completed running all 300 miles of Rochester Hills road, every road in the city.  (See article in the Rochester Hills Gazette)

Types of races you compete have completed: I’ve run 74 races of marathon distance or longer, 1/3 of them were ultra marathons (distances from 50K to 100 miles)  I’ve done my fair share of the shorter stuff, but I like the long distance stuff better. 

I’m working on running a marathon or longer in every state.  I will have 40 states done as of January 2018.  

Favorite races: 

  • Vermont 50K- it was a beautiful, hilly and challenging course.

  • Marquette Marathon- it’s my hometown and the scenery is beautiful and the course is slightly downhill.

How did you get into running:  I ran a little track in high school, but started getting into distance running after high school when I enlisted in the Army.  We had a two mile physical fitness test and I ran so I could get a higher score on it.  I started getting into longer distances when we did our long (double digit) road marches (in Army boots and full uniform.)

What is your favorite quote:  Relentless Forward Progress.”  It is the title of a book that is commonly known as the ultra runner bible.  (Written by Bryon Powell).  I love the quote so much I had it tattooed on my calf.  It reminds me that every step forward is progress and gets you closer to the goal.

Fun Fact:  I’m not really fast but I once won a marathon.  It was the Great Allegheny Passage Marathon in Maryland.  Not sure how it happened but I guess all the fast people stayed home.  I finished first place for the women and fifth place overall.