Episode 009 - Daniel Slater- Ultra Marathoner

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I interview ultra marathoner Daniel Slater about his adventures running epic long distance races and the mental approach he takes to perform at his best.

What event(s) do you participate in?  Currently I mostly participate in trail ultramarathons, mostly 100 milers.

  • In the winter I try to participate at Tuscobia which has either an 80 or 160 mile and Arrowhead 135 with a goal of one day getting into the Iditarod 350.
  • Winter races are my favorite. The remainder of the year depends on race lotteries, but will consist of a few 100s and some shorter ultras to fill in the gaps or to assist building up mileage.
  • I usually try to go to races and places I’ve never been to before. I have run the Mohican 100 and Kettle Morraine 100 twice each. Other 100s include: Indiana, Burning River, Grindstone, Vermont, Hallucination.
  • I have run the Ice Age 50, JFK 50, Marquette 50 and multiple 50ks. I still do the occasional 5 or 10k and I’m currently training for my first road marathon in 4 years in an attempt to Boston qualify which is different and difficult type of training than I am used to. 
  • Other than the marathon I have a 100 milers planned in Andorra and Virginia and my “A” race is the Bigfoot 200 in Washington in August. 

What are some notable achievements?

  • Completed the Midwest Slam which is five 100 milers over one summer (Indiana, Kettle Morraine, Mohican, Burning River, and Hallucination) in 2016.
  • Order of the Hrimthurs which is a series of 3 winter ultras in one season (Tuscobia 160, Arrowhead 135 and Actif Epica) in 2017. Only 10 people of done this on foot. 
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What is your favorite/memorable race?  Tuscobia 160 in January 2017 was a life changing experience though the 2014 Mohican was my first 100 and very special. 

What got you into the sport of endurance running?  I had spent years after college making half attempts to get healthy again and finally decided I would try to run a marathon likely in an attempt to deal with issues in my personal life.

Favorite Quote: 

  • "Get comfortable being uncomfortable"  
  • "It never always gets worse"

Fun fact:  Played college football, offensive lineman, and weighed 310 lbs. Lost 100 lbs through running and kept it off for nearly 10 years.