Coach Steve


My name is Steve Farver, the podcast host and Mental Skills Coach for Focused Sport Performance.  I love helping athletes reach their potential, especially when it comes to the mental game!

I have a master's degree in sport psychology which provides me a foundation of knowledge of the important theories and concepts to achieve high performance. My passion for teaching athletes and coaches about the mental game has fueled my start to this podcast as a way to better distribute knowledge.  My area of expertise is as a performance coach, which means I work with athletes on how to improve performance on the field.  I believe that mental toughness is about the athlete themselves learning skills to become the master of their mental skills. I seek to empower you on how to use those to be able handle any challenge that comes your way.  I hope you enjoy the show and find the content helpful.  If you have suggestions or questions, feel free to send me an email.  I want to help you reach your potential!